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This page creates your USER login, it does not enter you into the event. You must add team members after completing this page.

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this is the address that will be used if you click pre-fill contact data when entering participants.

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Use 2 address lines when you need to include a Workplace name/building name.
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Logon Type Individual  
Selecting this logon type will allow you and any friends or family to sign up for either the City-Bay, Bay-City, or both.

By using this logon type you and any of your participants are able to join any Public Teams that have been set up as such - charities, community groups, clubs, etc.

When it comes time to collect your race numbers, you will have to do so as individuals at the event expo. Your numbers will not be bundled by team (if you joined one).

You will be able to add as many participants as you want to using this account.

If you wish to create a new team - even itís just for your family of four or small business of six - please pick the team coordinator option.

   Group Coordinator  
Group Coordinator
Selecting this logon type you will be able to create a new Public or Private team for either the City-Bay, Bay-City, or both.

Public Teams:
If you make your team a Public team, your Team Name will be visible for anyone to select and join.
You will be able to add as many entrants as you want to either event using this logon.
When it comes time for entrants in a public team to collect their race numbers from the expo, they will have to do so as individuals, race numbers will not be bundled together.
If you expect people to sign themselves up for an event and join your team on their own, then make your team Public.

Private Teams:
If you make your team a Private team, your team name will not show up in the list of teams.
The only way to join your private team is through you - the team coordinator - you are responsible for adding all team members using this account.

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